Terra Starr Memorial Day Activities

READY FOR SOME FUN !!!! This Memorial Day weekend we have so much for you to enjoy.

7:00 pm. - We will start the week-end off with some gospel music a concert done by soloist of the year 2014 Brian Burchfield with 7 number 1 songs. Brian was formerly with the Melody Trio and Divine Purpose. So come to the club house and enjoy some beautiful and uplifting music.

8:00 - We will be serving ice cream at the club house yummm. So come up and hear some good music and enjoy great fellowship with our other m after that you can enjoy some good ole ice cream.


6:00 -7:00 pm - We will be having bingo inside the club house... Come on up and enjoy the fun with Les and all the others.

7:00 -8:00 - We will be serving up some yummy ice cream.

7:00 - ? - There will be a street dance on j-2 across from club house. Glen Hughes will be providing the music for us along with our own Terra Starr talent Mr. Leroy Mondier. These two guys alone know how to entertain and give the people a good show. So with the adding of another singer in the group you will bound to have a good time. So get your dancing shoes on and get your lungs built up to have a hooten good time.


8:30 -10:30 - Start your day off right. Come to the club house and let us do the cooking for you and your family. We will be serving up biscuits/sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and sausage for just the low price of $3.50 and just $1.50 for children. We will be selling cereal/milk for just $1.50 and donuts for 75 cents. We will have coffee for free. And 8oz cup of white milk for $1.00, bottles of strawberry and choc. Milk for $1.00 and Sunny Delight for 50 cents.

10:00 - 3:00 Will be silent auction so come up and look around and be sure and put in your bid in.

11:00 - Bring your children up to pavillion located up next to the club house you won"t miss it because that is where we will be having kids time with all kinds of games and prizes. Adam and Danica along with our other volunteers will have games and all kinds of fun and festive things going on.

Games we will have ready for the kids will be:
Baseball toss, tic tac toe, bounce house, limbo contest with 1st and 2nd prizes, Basket ball toss, horse shoes, sack race contest with 1st and 2nd prizes, duck pond, fishing pond, spin to win, hula hoop, pinata, klinko, wading pool, ring toss, face painting and tatoos... After playing thei games they will receive a ticket which they can take to the Terra starr store and buy toys ,candy or a stuffed animal.

1:00- 3:00 - Back inside club house.... Now that the kids have played and might be getting a little tired and they need some food to fuel them back up we will be having a concession. We will be serving hot dogs/chips and drink for $2.50. Also we will be dishing up some bar-b-q sanwichs that will melt in your mouth you will get a sandwich/chips and a pop for $3.00. Not in the mood for that then we will also be serving up frito chili pie for $2.50 and nacho cheese tortilla's for $2.50.
We have candy and ice cream bars that we will be selling also. For $1.00
pop .50 and chips .50.

 2:00 - ? - we did not forget our teenagers we will be having a basketball tournament and a vollyball tournament with 1st place awards. These tournaments will be held at the pavillion on vollyball and basketball courts.
 Wanda will be selling snow cones 8oz. will be $1.00 during the kids games. But don't let them fill up on snow cones we will be serving yummy consession.

 3:00 - Don't forget to come inside the club house for our silent auction
 see if you are one of the lucky ones to receive one of the awesome ideas that is up for auction. Come and join the fun and good luck.

4:00 - ? - Horseshoe tournament we just couldn't leave the men out. They need to have something special the prize will be half the entry fees the other half will go into activities to help us to give you a fun time. The entry fee will be $5.00 a person. So get ready I have already heard how good some of the guys say they are so watch out and practice up you guys.

6-7 bingo time with Les. How much fun can you have in one day? Don't stop now come up to the club house and enjoy a relaxing and exciting time all rolled up together. Lots of laughs.

7-8 who screams for ice cream we all scream for ice cream. Hopfully served up by our Miss Mary with that beautiful smile and the quick hand that can whip up a sundae almost before you can get the request out of your mouth.

7-? - Street dance across from club house at j-2 bring a chair or drive up in your golf cart, walk or run whatever you have to do to get there take your shoes off and get ready for some good music and a great time. We will be having a tow sack race for those who are brave enough to try. The time will be announced at the street dance. ( Everything is weather permitted. )


8:30 -10:00 - Wake up to another morning of biscutes/gravy with scrambled eggs and sausage for $3.50 everything will be the same as Saturday breakfast.

1:00 - ? - Movie time for all!!!! Come and watch the movie "Frozen". Concession will be open and serving popcorn and the works. So don't miss out on this time.

4:00 - ? Get your walking shoes on and get ready to see how fast you can get a chair and a chance to win a cake of your choice. Wynetta does a great job with the cake walk but she can only do so much. Please help by donating cakes, cookies and cupcakes to help make this a fun time for all. Activities would like to thank you all for choosing Terra Starr as your Memorial Day place to be. We hope that you have a time to be remembered thoughout the years as a happy memory.